My Top 10 Playlist that might add yours

          2016 has released so many great songs by many singers and i guess this year are full with EDM songs, but i will try to share my Top 10 Best playlist where i will automatically sing along everytime i heard these songs. Honestly, it is hard to pick only 10 among all awesome songs this year OMG, but hey these playlist could add up your song list.. so here it is….

1. Ariana Grande – Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj


When it goes to the lyrics ……

Chorus – Ariana Grande:]
I’ve been there all night
I’ve been there all day
And boy, got me walkin’ side to side
I’ve been there all night
I’ve been there all day
And boy, got me walkin’ side to side (side to side)

Remember this lyrics?? Oh Nooooo !!! i love this songgg so muchh, its like reggae sort of like that..its making me at least sing it and playing up with my head lol. Do you guys noticed the video clip where Ariana riding spining bike while giving her dance sweet moves? I literally imagine doing it hahaha.. me love this song !!

2.DJ Snake – Let Me Love You ft. Justin Bieber


Who doesnt know Justin Bieber anyway ?? ,, i do admire his talent and DJ Snake? Oh dear,  he is the best!,, when i heard this song in the radio and the lyrics goes…

Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you
Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you
Oh, baby, baby

The way he sing it, i recognized in a second that this must be Justin Bieber.. and i knew the video clip recently there’s no him inside the video, there’s only animation and lyrics. But hey, dont think its wrong,, coz still this songs makes you wanna listen till it done. The way he sing this song got stuck on my head real long,,.. i do loovvee this song !! try listen to it, i bet you’ll sing along easily..

3.James Arthur – Say You Won’t Let Go


His voice is so tender, deep and gently.. man typically voice. First time i heard in the Radio i didnt recognize the lyrics so well, but all i know is the rythm and melody are to well to listen,. And i finally knows this song,, sing by him !! when the lyrics goes…

I’m so in love with you
And I hope you know
Darling, your love is more than worth its weight in gold
We’ve come so far my dear
Look how we’ve grown
And I wanna stay with you
Until we’re grey and old
Just say you won’t let go
Just say you won’t let go

I read the lyrics carefully and Oh MY GOD,,just noticed this is a super romantic briliant lyrics. How come there’s a people outhere who can write this kinda song?! Its almost not like a song, its like poetry and so beautiful. It a gentle feelings that goes on the lyrics.. and thru his voice it captured nicely on ear.. Ladies,, listen to this song 😉

4.Jonas Blue – Perfect Strangers ft. JP Cooper


C’Mon, Jonas Blue always hit the song! I heard the song in the first 3 seconds and i knew im going to love this song like nutz.. and yesss i love the melody and the lyrics are so easy to remembered! .. its a typicall song that you’ll always hear in the Gym, Mall, Cafe and Co-workspace.. and by the way, can you resist your feelings when you hear the lyrics goes..

You were looking at me like you wanted to stay
When I saw you yesterday
I’m not wasting your time, I’m not playing no games
I see you

Maybe we’re perfect strangers
Maybe it’s not forever
Maybe the night will change us
Maybe we’ll stay together
Maybe we’ll walk away
Maybe we’ll realize
We’re only human

Maybe we don’t need no reason why
Come on, come on, come over
Maybe we don’t need no reason why
Come on, come on, come over

5. The Chainsmokers – Closer (Lyric) ft. Halsey


I knew this song when i was in sort of lounge, and listen this song is honestly they have a so so voice, but i dont why i do really enjoy they’re voices and when it came to the Reff…

o, baby, pull me closer
In the back seat of your Rover
That I know you can’t afford
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder
Pull the sheets right off the corner
Of that mattress that you stole
From your roommate back in Boulder
We ain’t ever getting older

We ain’t ever getting older
We ain’t ever getting older

This song is easy brezzy song where you can enjoy while you sitting with your best friend and chill with your beloved,, zip a glass of whatever you want to call your fav.drink..and you can do move and backward you shoulder haha..

6.Rockabye Baby. Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie


Believe me on this, when you listen to the 2 seconds of this song… no way its not attract you at all to listen more. The melody are so tempting and easy to listen…Well, i honestly cant resist my self when she start to sing this lyrics…

She tells him “uh, love, no one’s ever gonna hurt you, love
I’m gonna give you all of my love
Nobody matters like you”
She tells him “your life ain’t gonna be nothing like my life
You’re gonna grow and have a good life
I’m gonna do what I’ve got to do”

So, Rockabye baby, Rockabye
I’m gonna rock you
Rockabye baby, don’t you cry
Somebody’s got you
Rockabye baby, Rockabye
I’m gonna rock you
Rockabye baby, don’t you cry
Rockabye, no
Rockabye, oh oh yeah

The voice so powerfull and the lyrics also good to remembered to be singing back again,, when it goes to the repetition,, no one can handle to not dance along haha.. this is worth the records!!

7.Sia – Cheap Thrills


Sia is never failed in any of her songs,,agree??! .. recently i cant take my head of her song “Cheap Thrills”.. when the song just hit on.. i knew i will always have this song on my playlist .. specially the REFF part ….

Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills!)
Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills!)
I don’t need no money
As long as I can feel the beat
I don’t need no money
As long as I keep dancing

The Video Clip are out of the box and it always like that when it cames to SIA. The Vidclip it shown the lyrics of the song, so i automatically do the karaoke style while dancing to this song.., when it came to Friday ?? go play sing this song..

8.Major Lazer – Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ) 


Again…, i proudly said i loved his song of Justin Bieber and Major Lazer..Justin knows so well, that this year is EDM era are back again and he came on track ! freaking smart ..and  again this song has no him on the vidclip.. there’s only lyrics but with the great melody and sweet techno .. music is all we need!!! I do my moves when the song goes…

And if you feel you’re sinking,
I will jump right over into cold, cold water for you
And although time may take us into different places
I will still be patient with you
And I hope you know

I won’t let go
I’ll be your lifeline tonight
I won’t let go
I’ll be your lifeline tonight

9.Calvin Harris – My Way


Calvin Harris ?? all of his songs are best to hear guys. Latest of his song call “My Way”,, his voice are easy to remembered and catch to hear.. admit it guys,, and the lyrics are short and means a lot !! like this one….

Why wait to say, at least I did it my way
Lie awake, two faced
But in my heart I understand
I made my move and it was all about you
Now I feel so far removed

You were the one thing in my way
You were the one thing in my way
You were the one thing in my way
You were the one thing in my way
You were the one thing in my way
You were the one thing in my way

My way, oh way, oh way, oh way
My way, oh way, oh way, oh way
My way, oh way, oh way, oh way
My way, oh way, oh way, oh way
My way, my way, my way

He likes to use repetition on a sentence where it can stuck forever in your head and those sentences are the #Bomb.. applause for master Calvin Harris. Admired your masterpiece !! you do need this song in the sunny day or during your holiday you need a good music tracks on your list dont you !!? 😉

10.Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha – In The Name Of Love


In the name of love,,, yes are we going to do something in the name of love?? Are we going to sacrifice in the name of love?? All of these questions are gathered in a perfect melody and lyrics when you listen this….

In the darkness, in the middle of the night
In the silence, when there’s no one by your side
Would you call in the name of love?

In the name of love, name of love
In the name of love, name of love

I wanna testify
Scream in the holy light
You bring me back to life
And it’s all in the name of love

Her voice are just so powerful and strong message on the lyrics makes me loves this song! Go ahead listen in random situation, this song going to knock of your day ..

There i’ve wrote my fav playlist,, maybe you can put on your fav playlist here so i can add up more of mine ;),, thank you guys for reading and hope it benefits a bit. Stay in touch, keep the positive mind and see you on the next topic 😉

Wrote by : AstrieKirana


TOP 10 Movies on my Nov 2016


FYI, i dont only watched movie based on recent one, but i do watched everything even it has to be old movie that i never watched before. So, here i’ll let you know of Top 10 Movie i recomend you to watch .. it based on my own version view.., so pardon me for everything yow.. Happy reading ‘



       2014 American thriller film directed by Sam Miller and written by Aimee Lagos. The movie stars by Idris ElbaTaraji P. HensonKate del CastilloMark SmithHenry SimmonsWilbur Fitzgerald and Frank Brennan. At first i bought the DVD,, i surely don movie, maybe its just a light one and not hoping that much. But whooopp whoopp just noticed  the movie was a box office success and received two Image Award nominations, winning one for Taraji P. Henson’s performance. Yeayy !! what else you need from my explanation then ?? haha..

       Anyhow, this movie is again unpredictable for me,.. the message is’ dont let your door open to strangers. Because our good deeds might not replied back as good as what we wish. Another message,, is keep your heart honest to your spouse no matter how long you’ve been in relationship.. trust me guys, WATCH this movie with your beloved.. 😉



         This is a 2016 American superhero movie. The movie is written and directed by David Ayer, cast by  Will SmithJared LetoMargot RobbieJoel KinnamanViola DavisJai CourtneyJay HernandezAdewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeIke Barinholtz,  Scott Eastwood and Cara Delevingne. The short story about a secret government agency lead by Amanda Waller recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions and save the world from a powerful threat.

        To be honest i wanna see this movie firstly first it because the viral of how a lot of  people try to copied the style of Harley Quinn, makes me curious !! i wanna see how she roles the movie.. and really all of the cast plays the role so good. Its a unique movie, why ?? because they try to gathered the whole bad people to fight and win the world over dangerous black magic enemy. Even they had a bad criminal history, but they do have sweet heart to protect the world and even to sacrifice them self.

        Whatever how bad people, if it has to do with family,.. humans will do their best to not disappointed their family (husband, wife, kids,,etc).. thats the lovely message i’ve got from this movie… You go watch this, and see by yourself the amazing action happened in front of  your eyes.


         The movie actually released on 2014, and its about American political satire spy comedy movie directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The movie stars by Rogen and James Franco as journalists who set up an interview with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and are recruited by the CIA to assassinate him.

         This is a very hillarious movie ever !!.. i didnt expect it would be so unpredictable ending of story. Althought its mixed between politic and comedy but its makes sense, how those goverments and media are meant to work together nicely. The content is light and silly, but smart at the end. Its wothed to watch, on your relaxing day time with a bowl of popcorn at home.         To show how powerfull you are, it doesnt have to prove it hard. But rewards are comes from a sincere action , honest deed and care others. This is how the message lock in my head from this movie.


 Edge of Tomorrow

        With the Tagline “Live. Die. Repeat” , you should more or less notice what is it all about the movie is ?? well,, its a 2014 American military science fiction action movie  starring by Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, and  Doug Liman directed the movie. Cruise plays as a Bill Cage, a public relations officer with no combat experience at all, who somehow got ordered by his Boss to go to some destination and witness the crucial landing operation against the aliens. I knew this movie will goes NUTZ,, is when there’s a scene where Cage is killed in combat but he always finds himself in a time loop that sends him back all over again to the day where it all just started. It always happened everytime he lost the battle and die. Cage meet the warrior Rita Vrataski (Blunt), who find out what happened to Cage and together seeking a way to defeat the Aliens.

       What i found interesting about this movie, in reality if you believe in something or you want to be expert in certain skills.. all you need to do is doing it continously with consistency in heart and mind. Everything is matter if you keep do what you belive. Cage in this case are succed in making a strategy and killed the a aliens, because he learned from his mistakes and start to create a new plan to reached the same target with best energy and motivation. You’ll be an expert in such skills, if you dont stop do what you believe. Anyway, this movie is Worth so much to watcH!!!

-Success? Found what you love and do it a lot- Quote by Me regarding this movie…



         This one is, 2016 American dark fantasy action adventure movie. The cast are  Chris HemsworthCharlize TheronNick Frost and Sam Claflin. The movie also introduced new characters played by actors including Emily BluntRob Brydon and Jessica Chastain. The amazing acting from Evil sorceress Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) and Freya (Emily Blunt) are amazing.

           Its about how people can be so  greedy over power and it can beat love, and pretend like love isnt important because what matter is how you can conquer the world. Well, its wrong thou.. and you’ll see how beautiful the meaning of this movie. I can see they are all acting so well and again i loved unpredictable storyline… see the suprised over this movie



          Movie in 2016, which is American superhero movie based on the fictional X-Men characters that appear in Marvel Comics. Cast by  James McAvoyMichael FassbenderJennifer LawrenceOscar IsaacNicholas HoultRose ByrneTye SheridanSophie TurnerOlivia Munn, and Lucas Till.

          Like any other Marvel’s movie, it always amazing to see the masterpiece of the series. Because its about people who have power and how if few of them are going to use it to do bad things?? ,, so prepare your eyes with the amazing visual effect and story of this movie..i swear it has wise message, which no one can be compared to others and doing good things always paid back.



         Its a 2016 American horror movie directed by Fede Alvarez The film stars Jane LevyDylan MinnetteDaniel Zovatto and Stephen Lang, and focuses on three young persons who get trapped inside a blind man’s house while breaking into it. Its not actually a horor movie which gave you the visual ghost, but its more into action i guessed. These young people try to steal money from the house and suprisingly a blind man who lived in that house are crazy enough to survive and fight just like a soldier.

         Its a very good movie and breathtaking.. its a pumping storyline, not that simple idea script. Guys, you should watch it !!



      The movie of 2016 British-American fantasy movie is directed by Tim Burton, stars by Eva GreenAsa ButterfieldChris O’DowdAllison JanneyRupert EverettTerence StampElla PurnellJudi Dench and Samuel L. Jackson. One of the reason i watched this movie is because there is Mr. Samuel L.Jackson, and i really curious how he made it in this movie.

       After watched this, i can say that this movie isnt like other funny cute fantasy movie. But full of breathtaking story, its a good visual and idea of story. Smart script and very light to watch.



         IPMAN 3 is the movie from 2015 Hong Kong biographical martial arts film directed by Wilson Yip, the movie also stars by Mike Tyson. The film received positive reviews and eight Hong Kong Movie Award nominations, including Best Film and Best Director, and won in the Best Editing category. It also won Best Action Choreography, Best Director and Best Picture at the 2016 Shanghai International Film Festival. I usually didnt like much kungfu kind of movie, but i do have a good feeling about this movie.,,so i bought it’ and yessss it is a great one! It shown no matter how good you are, you still need to be low profile and down to earth, because nothing good about being show off..

          It is best to watch with family or friends, because other than good action of kungfu, it also gave you insight about how you have to survive and protect your family. Its recomended movie guys..

  • Your truth enemy is yourself – quote by Me based on this movie



3 is the movie on 2015, which casts by Cornelio SunnyAbimana AryasatyaAgus Kuncoro. I honestly didnt expect at the first, but omyGOD!!,, i was about to gave them standing applaused, because the movie is so great. Is really telling about what happened somehow in Indonesia or even other country,, how things can get confused and unpredictable. Political and Believes get mixed up , people almost cant see what is right or wrong.

How we stay on our believe and yet still get blured with all the situations. I never see movie like this before, where the action and storyline is so good to watched. They use Indonesia and English on script, which that exactly we did lately here in reality ?? yes!. The movie makes us think and predict ,,but yet i cant believe this movie succed in surprising me .. i’m so proud how Indonesia’s movie are growing wise and serious. I hope this movie can gave more spirit to other people in creative industry to keep making good masterpiece and inispired world wide.

Notes : i got few informations and correct names of the actors from google to make it more accurates. so hope you like the reviews, and kindly put some comment below to have another ideas ahead. thank you guys for reading.. nice day !!

ShishaTrip !! Lets Go…

Everytime i went to Puncak i always had a habit to look after Shisha place to visit hahaha, cant you imagine with a cold weather and cloudy sky,, your stomach is full enough what else you looking for to chill and has discussion perfectly with friends or family?

So, i here ill make a quick review over 2 shisha places i’ve visited for you to add some ideas if you looking for same stuff like mine. The pictures and info might not goes on detail because i went there for 1-2 hours only and had to go somewhere else (sorry guysss) ..

SO, this place i like to do review is the one called BAFAGEH RESTO & CAFE. I was passing over this place actually and should turn back again to reach the place. When you’ve passed Taman Safari on your right side you almost reach the the hidden paradise LOL…


On the first floor, as you can see they’re provide you few Mideast resto and Supermarket and many of it they had Import Products for Expat, fresh fruits etc. No wonder you’ll see most of tourist here are from Arabs and dont be surprised that they came directly from the Soekarno Airport Jakarta.

bpro0535bpro0537See ??? you see beautiful purple, yellow and many others colors of curtains on the top floor?? thats  my destination !!



You need to use the elevator because the resto is on the 3rd floor,, and when the door open,, you’ll be amazed with the romantic interior tent colors and warm greeting from the waitress and waters. Its more than what i expected from outside the building to be honest. I just knew that this place just opened for 2 months and only has 10 units of Shisha. Well i can say,, its a cool place to visit!!


Small petite elevator…


View when the door open… directly to the reception table..

The waitress and waiter are going to go standby automatically and greeting you with warm and sweet ^^

bpro0501They have many variety of chairs,, couch, and lazy seat. so you can choose which one you pick based on your mood hhaha..


They manage every corner side to the window with such a good idea, every corner design with ‘lazy style’ so you dont need chairs and it has curtain in case you’re with family or on the meeting to keep the confidential moment. Good things about sitting here, is you can open the window !! so you can hear the traffic cars passing by and feels the cold weather …


bpro0497Every Wednesday nite, they will held gambus live music perfomance at night.  They open at 8am to 11pm during weekdays and closed at 1am on weekend.


I love the Arabic music they played in this place, so attrative and good to listened’ even i dont really knew much the translation but its comfortable to eat and have a shisha with their songs as background. Oya,, talking about Shisha,, they had amazingly affordable price for shisha which is Rp 50.000 (reguler shisha) you can do mix 2 flavors on it. Believe me, i had shisha last time for 2 hours and only refill 3 times for charcoal and still tasted awesome!!! I had double apple with mint flavors at that time. It tasted smooth, soft and had big soclod perfectly ( soclod : smoke cloud).

rtyuiopmeePerfect place to have a Shisha with a awesome view (mountain) and affordable one!!



This place, provide you 3 private rooms, in case you want more confidential room. Yes, you know where to go now right?! the rooms its pretty comfy and allow you to bring 5-8 pax. these rooms has no minimum order, so anything you purchased you are free to pick this pricate room.


NOW, LETS GO to other Shisha place …

This is ATEERA  Shisha Lounge, Its say its open 24 hours.. but not anymore, the last update they open in the morning till late nite only. This place takes place before Bafageh Resto & Cafe. Its quite small from outside and only have 2 carpot. But dont be surprise !! they had 2 floors and look down scroll to these pictures…


on the 2nd floor they had red couch with open wide view to the mountain ^^ .. 


The price is much affordable in Bafageh Resto but i can say the Shisha here in Ateera is also good. Its a bit quite at that time, there is no guest and no music at all. But its a perfect place for you who like to visit such a calm place and peacefull spot to work on your stuff.

So, ready for the next adventures on the next spot ?!

Photo and Article by AstrieKirana

A story for my beloved twin sister… (story of us)

Gimana siy rasanya jadi KEMBAR ??



Suka dibanding-bandingin? Suka di sama-samain? Suka dicengin? Atau suka dikasih sebutan gak enak? Banyak banget yang nanya ini itu ke kita semenjak kecil sampai sekarang ini, walaupun rupa kita sudah tidak semirip dulu siy, tapi berwarna banget hidup jadi kembar. Nah perasaan sebenarnya adalah BERSYUKUR … ini rasanya!

Terlahir bagaimanapun itu kita adalah spesial. Tapi kali ini aku ingin bercerita apa yang aku rasakan menjadi kembar dan mungkin punya hal yang sama seperti yang kalian rasakan diluar sana bagi yang memiliki saudara/i kembar seperti saya..

I wrote this Article not for anykind of purpose, honestly its because i felt so glad to have twin sister and it felt amazing to live my life as twins and because we just had our birthday recently. I just wanna wrote something as my gift to my twin and to appreciate what we have going through so far, so many experience, lot of laughing and sweet debating around our life but we always remain as closes sister than before. I can’t buy fancy thing as a gift but this story will remind us forever as how colorfull our journey  is… ^^

So here we go…..



Saya Astrie Kirana (Ira) dan saudari kembar saya Astrie Kartika (Ika).. saya lahir di tanggal 9 September 1987,Jakarta. Mba Ika begitu saya memanggilnya, mba ika terlahir lebih awal 3 menit dibandingkan saya. Terlahir sebagai kembar itu luar biasa anugrah yang tidak ternilai harganya. Bangga rasanya memiliki seorang ibu yang berjuang untuk melahirkan kami. Mendengar ceritanya hingga tahu kalau ibu sampai dirawat inap hampir sebulan untuk kami, wahh bikin hati terenyuh rasanya. Awalnya siy saya gak tahu ya apa itu kembar ?? tapi dengan beranjaknya usia dan banyak orang sekitar yang selalu berkata wajah kita yang mirip, suara yang hampir sama, dll itu membuat saya tersadar kalau saya berbeda, karena saya kembar. Anyways, honestly i just realized that i had a twin sist is when i was around 2 years old, in that age i knew that my mom always put the same dress, same accecories and everything that my sist and me wear so YES,, we’re look like miror to each other.

Kami masuk kelas 1 SD di usia 5 tahun, karena kami tidak terlalu lama berada di kelas TK pada saat itu. Dengan segala pertimbangan yang ada, Alhamdulillah kami tidak pernah tinggal kelas (tidak naik kelas), awalnya banyak yang mengkhawatirkan apakah kami bisa mengadapi kedepannya? Tapi kami begitu menikmati segala perjuangan di setiap prosesnya.

Since teenage girl, i knew that there’s a lil bit different between us. Which mba Ika is a sister with typical of feminin and calm, me? More speaking thing outloud and tomboy. She is amazing sister for me, she always look after me over everything and accompany me wherever i go. I became her shadow somehow.. because i always see what she did and think and i copy that as my routine. I remembered when we like to go to school by bus and she standing in front of me and stop the bus for us so i dont need to stop the bus. Just wait and see.. and when we sat inside it, mba ika keep awake so i can slept for a while before reaching out. I really like this moment for sure and i missed this experienced! Haha..


Nah bagian enaknya menjadi kembar termasuk kami rasakan di usia ini, dimana semua teman – teman termasuk guru hafal dengan sosok kami ya karena kemiripan kami ini dan kebetulan cuma kami yang kembar di kala itu 😉 . Saya mau sharing aja niy pengalaman kami dimana kami harus menjawab ribuan pertanyaan yang sama dan berkali kali ditanyakan dari orang yang berbeda – beda, dan berikut beberapa contoh pertanyaan yang kadang lucu dan lugu yang selalu dilontarkan kepada kami :

  • Gimana siy rasanya jadi kembar?

   Rasanya biasa aja siy awalnya, Cuma pas beranjak besar dan sering foto bareng,, baru sadar kalo punya wajah mirip dan itu bagi orang lain sesuatu hal yang luar biasa. Baru deh sadar kalau menakjubkan juga ternyata jadi orang kembar.

  • Suka keliru gak orang tua manggil nama pas dirumah ?

Alhamdulillah, PERNAH ketuker !! hahaha.. terkadang suara kita bisa sangat mirip, jadi dari belakang gak ketahuan mana Ika mana Ira, apalagi kalau dari telefon.

  • Kalau punya pacar nanti bisa bedain kalian gak, nanti ketuker lagi pacarnya ?

Jelas bisa bedain dong, kan secara personal dan dandanan kita tu beda banget. Mba Ika Feminin sedangkan saya lebih ke tomboy. Jadi radius 1 km sudah bisa ketebak mana yang punya siapa haha..

  • Guru di sekolah suka bingung gak bedain kalian ?ntr tuker-tukeran kelas lagi ?!

Ya suka banget siy, karena kalau guru/dosen kan tidak terlalu kenal secara personal (hanya sekilas) jadi kalau hanya numpang lewat di depan mata beliau, pasti suka salah panggil ^^

  • Sukanya sama gak siy kalian ?

(Jujur agak bingung siy kalau ada pertanyaan ini karena terlalu general), tapi kita selalu jawab..ada yang kita suka sama, ada yang enggak. Tapi kebanyakan sama.

  • Tipe cowoknya sama gak kalau kembar ?

Alhamdulillah, kita punya selera yang berbeda dan hanya kita berdua saja yang tahu hihi.

  • Kalau satunya sakit, kembarannya juga ikut sakit gak sih ??

Nah secara logika karena kami tinggal satu kamar dari kecil, jadi kalau ada yang sakit flu contohnya pasti siy akan nyebar virusnya apalagi kalau saya misalnya dalam kondisi yang kurang sehat juga, pasti ketularan dan efeknya kami berdua jadi sama-sama sakit.

  • Pernah berantem gak siy kalian berdua ?

Jelas pernah dong, tapi gak lama terus baikan lagi.Karena kan kita tidur sekamar gak enak kan cakar-cakaran kelamaan 😉

  • Suka rebutan cowok yang sama gak kalau kembar ?

Untungnya kita gak pernah rebutan cowok yang sama, karena selera kita berbeda. Tapi dulu pernah siy suka cowok yang sama tapi habis itu sama-sama males lanjutinnya haha..

  • Kalian kembar yang akrab apa yang sering berantem sih ??

Lucky us!! Kita kembar yang akrab dan kompak.

  • Kalau satunya sedih, kembarannya ikutan rasain sedih gak ?

Otomatis akan ikut sedih. Jangankan kembar, namanya saudara/i pasti kita ingin saudara/i kita happy kan..

  • Kalau kuliah enak dong satunya sakit, bisa di absenin yang gak sakit.. pernah gak tukeran kelas gitu ??

Walaupun kesempatan itu ada, tapi kita gak pernah siy mencoba hal itu. Pertama kita jarang gak masuk kelas dan herannya gak seberani itu untuk mencoba tukeran kelas dari dulu hingga kuliah.

  • Kalian pernah gak siy terpisah jauh dan lama ?? terus kangen sama –sama kangen gak?

Gak pernah lama jauh dari satu sama lain sebelum menikah. Karena kalau kangen kita kan selalu keep in touch, walaupun 30 mnt sekali kita pasti kasih kabar terupdate lagi apa dan dimana..(udah kayak punya pacar kan? ;P)

So many funny experiences we had start at the age of 14, thank you MOM for your full support and effort to believe in us.

This is my Mom …



For those who still have mother, please be kind to her and treat her like a queen. Because the one that always in her prayer,, is her children. Make her happy and make her proud !!

Since then, we like to enter the same University. We decided to go to LSPR (London School of Public Relations-Jakarta), and so lucky to have opportunity to have amazing time spending here. Bekal yang kita dapat di masa SMIP, membuat kami makin kompak dan makin menyadari kalau kami ini sangat menyukai berorganisasi dan beraktivitas juga berkarya.

Pada saat kuliah, kami tidak menyia-nyiakan kesempatan yang ada.. We’re active in 5 clubs ( News club, Modelling club, Theatre club, LSPR TV club, Radio club).. we both think the same thing, we only learn once and opportunity dont come twice, if we only spent time learn formal educations at school thats not maximize your capability. Spending time on non formal educations will increase your ability in communication to others and build dicipline to yourself. Somehow it teach you how to speak proper to the elder like Lectures and sponsorship parties. It shows you how challenging life could be if you challenge yourself to your best.



Ingatkan waktu bilang kalau kita tidak pernah jauh dari satu sama lain  terlalu lama??

Nah ini niy momen yang awalnya seneng tak terkira karena tahu kalau kembaran saya akan menikah dengan lelaki pujaannya.. dan saya senang sekali karena mereka begitu cocok satu sama lain. Saya begitu menikmati membantu persiapan pernikahan mereka dan gak sabar ingin melihat kembaranku berbusana bak putri pengantin. Hampir 6 bulan persiapan dilakukan secara intensif, Alhamdulillah tiba juga Hari Pernikahan itu. Tgl 19 November 2011,,Senangnya begitu lihat wajah mba Ika pada saat itu, begitu bersinar dan bahagia. Momen Akad Nikah pun dimulai,, dan seketika pada saat momen sebelum lafal ijab kabul,, mba Ika mengutarakan maksud ijin dan restu kepada kedua orang tua didepan penghulu,,pada saat ini lah air mata gak tertahan dan entah kenapa saya flashback semua memori dari kecil hingga besar bersama dengan mba Ika. Semua momen lucu, sedih , kesal, senang, berantem… semuanya seakan seperti akan sirna dan saya merasa seperti akan ditinggalkan mba ika. Seperti saya baru sadar bahwa ini berarti mba ika gak akan bisa tidur sekamar lagi dengan saya, gak bisa pergi bersama – sama lagi dan semua akan berubah. Seakan akan saya tidak siap kalau  saya akan tinggal sendiri dan menjalani sisa perjalanan hidupku sendirian seperti orang pada umumnya diluar sana. Saya tidak bisa membayangkan akan seperti apa bangun tidur gak ada mba Ika dan harus bagaimana?? Mungkin ini terdengar lebay atau berlebihan bagi beberapa orang, tapi ini yang saya rasakan sebagai seseorang yang terlahir kembar.

Meskipun begitu, Saya tetap bahagia melihat Mba Ika bahagia..



Awalnya agak aneh memang, saya harus tidur sendiri dikamar dan bangun dengan tidak ada mba ika.Mulai saat itu aku harus melakukan segala hal nya sendiri. Namun Allah maha tahu, sehingga semua hal dibuatnya mudah untukku. Melihat perkembangan hidup mba Ika membuatku bangga. We still keep in touch once in a while, and until she got pregnant of baby Fadil and born her baby.. she left to Malaysia with her husband and Fadil in the age of just 2 months. Its really like the scene in drama movie,, believe or not in Airport i’m crying over her and seems like i cant imagine that we finally will live far away from each other L.. but time goes on and i sometimes go to visit her once in a while.. She just growth amazingly, Mba ika turn to be a really great mother,, she rise her son alone without nanny or housemaid in Malaysia, and she cooked and literally did everything by herself !!!

Since then ,, we support each other with what we do in our life..



We get more closer even than before, we texted almost everytime and talked manythings.. about how survive in other country and the life habits,etc. Funny things, seems like im aving my new experience as baby born because i start to walk out from home by my own and i start to experience new things on my self. I always told mba Ika everywhere i go, its like giving a report to my Parents 😛 lol. But i did enjoyed the sharing moment we had. Lucu aja,, Saya merasakan banyak hal baru dan menceritakan segalanya ke Mba Ika seperti cerita ke teman akrab. Saya kurang tahu apakah ini yang dirasakan saudara/i kembar diluar sana?? Apa mereka yang kembar merasakan hal yang sama seperti kami?? Atau apakah yang tidak kembar juga bisa sedekat seperti kami ini?? 😉

Anyway, for those who had a same experience like mine,, dont worry because time will heal everything and YES its true! Time will tell you what to do and teach you to be a strong humanbeing. Finally i run my life like most of people which is work and make my dream come true as designer..


These are mba ika do the photoshot for my Shawl Collections. I knew since longtime that my twin sist is freaking photogenic and i love took her pict by myself. Look how shine she is… I LOVED the way she knew her good angle and every pose just perfect. Her support to me is everything, without it i might failed to trust what i believed.

These below pictures are where i try to chasing my dreams and my passion in fashion industry as designer.. every step that i made always got full support from Mba Ika and My Mom. The whole Family support me. Everytime im about to perform, i always called or texted mba Ika to have her prayer and to get my moodbooster..




Photo above when Catherin Wilson (Indonesia’s Actress) wear my dress o Metro TV

After 2 years living in Malaysia, Mba ika come back to Jakarta and stay here. Time goes by and finally im getting married with someone i choosed as my partner in life. Mba ika helped me by telling me many things about life after married and how to face problems during preparation for the big Day. Semua berjalan dengan sangat lancar tanpa halangan dan mba ika selalu ada disampingku menjelang proses akad Nikah, mba ika berbisik kepada saya “dalam hitungan detik kamu sudah jadi tanggung jawab suamimu”…. saya benar-benar terharu mendengar itu dan mengahayati momen-momen bersama dengan mba Ika yang selama ini selalu ada untuk saya.

After 6 years live my life without mba Ika, i got so many sweet funny experience and the day is coming …26th March 2016 i’m getting married with Rifki….




Setelah pernikahan, saya dan mba Ika semakin akrab karena obrolan kami lebih nyambung otomatis karena kami berdua sudah berumah tangga dan saya belajar banyak dari mba Ika yang telah membesarkan anak sendiri tanpa bantuan asisten rumah tangga maupun bantuan orang lain. Kami memiliki mimpi yang sama yakni memberdayakan orang yang punya talenta dan nanti bisa berguna bagi orang banyak. Pemikiran kami makin dewasa dengan pengalaman yang kami miliki masing – masing secara terpisah



Thanks God for giving my life so good and complete.

Kami bersyukur menjadi saudari kembar yang kompak hingga detik ini dan mampu menjalin komunikasi yang tidak pernah putus , hingga kami bisa menjadi yang terbaik dari diri kami masing – masing dan mampu berkolaborasi untuk masa depan yang cerah dan berguna bagi orang banyak. Tetaplah menjadi Mba ika yang selalu berjuang dan mampu menjadi ibu yang tangguh bagi anak-anak. Kelak curahan hati ini akan menjadi kenangan cerita berharga untuk keturunan kita.






Written by :

Astrie Kirana (Ira)

Ma’Fashion Inspirations

Show off your Dress ladies 😉

Nothing is perfect but you can smile with your heart open and a dream in your head. Make it come true !!

Untitled-3 copy

i had experience when i have to make long dress or gown for clients, where most of women now on like an extra long back gown. But when the gown is ready, hey im confused how to show the details and capture all the concept of the gown through photo session?? well up above can be a great ideas for you new designers who like to do photsession for your gown collection 😉

The Earrings that kill my day!! 



Annddddd yes,so many variety of earrings now on.. from the simple one to futuristic and a very unpredictable unique shape. Its making me even craving it so much! i just wanna share few pictures above to show you that how simple shape could be so sweet. Whatever the dress or clothes you wear on, as long as you got those earrings >> You still going to be a QUEEN of the day !! ^^ its literally can fixed or boosted your mood even more.

my wish  : Able to create on my own and sell it with purpose 10% goes to donation, so that orphans kids can help up and create their own accesorries and sell it for good. 

Well hey, wishing is free right?? :p (Aminnnn)


For you who like to do your own fashion show, its really important to make your own symbol or signature look. like pictures above, it shown how hair accesorries is important nowadays and somehow could help you in teliing the whole concept of your ideas to audience. it can be a crown, hat, flower crown and anything of it. Remember to always be different, and be your own style. Because no one ever is the same ideas as yours.

Fashion is how you express your mood and brandimage to most of people out there. So many ways to wear not only by clothes but with make up. imagine how impactfull the way you put creative eyelashes and those stuff on you ?? check out these pictures below….


Look ? i wonder thats why so many beauty blogger and makeup school are existed nowadays and many people got a brave to do experiment with make up. So, there’s no limit for you to do everything to elaborate stuff and make it your own masterpiece. Can you imagine if you had a fashion show going on and you always have your signature look to each models you hired? It will be great dude! **

So many ideas are born for you all creative people and fashion people, you better not limit yourself with everything as long as it not harm others thou 😉 . sometimes you doubt every possibilty that might be happened, but all you gotta do is ACTION!!


Article by Astrie

Photos by Pinterest

Yogyakarta HoneyMoon time!

After my marriege…26th March 2016, BangRif and I had a planed already to visit my grandmother in Yogyakarta because she’s not able to come on my wedding day since she is too old now and her health not supported, and i miss her so baddddd! hahaha.. so i make this as also our honeymoon time 😉 well even its only shortvacation but its wothied..


So the Honeymoon is begin…..


Bye Jakarta for a while…
He got sleepy ^^


For sure we loved BATIK AIR at that time, because its not that expensive and pretty much complete entertainment inside it..


We just arrived  at Adi Sucipto …
My Family’s fav tongseng and gulai !! took place in front of Quality Yogya Hotel


This is my always lovely moment,, guys if you still have your grandma or grandpa alive,, dont you ever forget to visit them once in a while. Because your voice and your hug are meant a lot to them, and their prayer for you is strongly make your dream come true. This is my super Grandma from my Mother, she is why i now understand who am i look like… from all of my cousins, aunty, etc .. they’re all worked in the office but i’m different ( well at least i believe i’m different), im more into art and business because i believe that in the near future i should have a business that feed many people and inspired others. My Grandma is a  hardworking lady and have traditional wedding boutique (her boutique is the only traditional wedding boutique in the past, where there’s no boutique at all at that time) i feel so shy sometimes, why i dont realized it before that to have a boutique isnt that easy and how proud i am to know it now that i have an amazing GRANDMA !! She is the truly role model after my MOM. Everytime i looked at her, i always promise to myself that i will make my dreams come true which is to have my own boutique and company who hired women as professional worker and make her proud.

What i never forget is that, my grandma is a strongly independent lady.. She can do anything by herself!! UNTIL NOW!! ahahaha.. i envy her much 🙂 i loved her!

im inside my grandma’s boutique


Yogya without visited Malioboro is NOTHING! hahaha


BangRif and I have the same feelings to SHISHA,, WE LOVED IT!


This BABYLON cafe shisha is a comfy place for us to chill. YOGYA had a hard raining day everyday so we’ve not much roaming around, we prefer to pick some cool spot to sit and chat around. I recomended you all to visit this place…,, BABYLON is a mideast cafe but mostly the target market is youngster..This place is pretty much great to sit and have dinner time. they played out top 40 music and good shisha as well! they have many wood chairs and special ‘LESEHAN’ which we choosed to sat down there ^^,, trust me.. you will sit a hundred hours here hahahaha…


We’re so Black & Blue
BABYLON CAFE & RESTO : 02744535329,
Time to go back to Jakarta!!



Hope you guys got some cool recomendation and good reading 🙂

HOT Recomendation for your HAIR!


A very comfy couch and girly atmosphere to seat and chill while waiting for your turn


They also sell few cute products for your hair 😉

If you got your hair colored, then this product might help you.This powder are helping to prevent the oil coming too fast to your hair. Because the more you have your hair washed , your hair became too dry and weak. But i got a better recipe from Mas Gun which is have your self some olive oil and put it thru your hair a night before you got your hair washed, then your hair will keep healthy and beautiful. This is i think a true cheapest recipe but best solution ever!! 


This is special seat for customer who like to have their Pedicure and Manicure done!
They just only have 1 seat for hairwashed

I loved the atmosphere which so comfy and you got spoiled with pink couches and the stawberry parfume room they got. The pillow and updated magazine are pampering you much! … They also served MENU so you can order some Food&Beverage. For sure, at that time there are not much people inside.. But all customers are came to get a haircolor done, and they really have some appoinment before. Mas Gunawan are very nice and kind, he say hi to me and said that im very lucky.. Because usually it tooks a month to have turn. But he got not much hard job to do with his guest so can handle 1 more guest. Its only 6 seat for guests and 5 couch. A special place for menicure & pedicure also 1 haircleaning seat. I recomend you guys to no be in hurry if you are doing a hair color, coz it’ll tooks morning till afternoon time (depend on your hair condition).


Mas Gunawan explained very clear information and knowledge as well at the begining, he choosed the color and explained why…. I want it lavender or turquois actually but it should go thru long bleaching process (4 or 5 times).. Im affraid that it’ll break my hairs apart. So he choosed Pink .. The type of the color i’ll have is “PEEK A BOO” means the color is seems hidden underneath your top hair color.. (Foto cat rambut pink) he explained that the color will last for more or less 6 months ahead and it’ll slowly downgrade to bright pink and blonde even brighter than bleaching color.,, so after 6 months the next color that perfect would be lavender and next 6months is turquois., and i can applied that lavender color directly to my hair without bleaching no more because its already bright from previous color hahahaha.. 😀 now i got that!!!
Look at these Colors are amazing!!!

snapseed-18 (1)snapseed-17snapseed-16

What i like about this place is that, they also educated customers by providing a MENU which explained few terms of hair coloring. So the customer will clearly understand what they really want 🙂 i just knew my self about these term as well..L-O-L


Recomendation for hair samples
Menu and Price
The hair before coloring…….


Dont worry guys they provide you charging plot on your table…
snapseed-29 (1)
I got 2 times bleaching process whoop…whooppp!!
I only went thru 2 times bleaching process.. (He said the worst case is 3times)..
I got blonde already and they put a pink magenta color straight to my hair. Each process of bleaching it tooks 1hour , while waiting no need to worries because you definetly entertained by their music, they played updated songs on the playlist!!! ^^
The Color ‘Cerise’ is on process….
snapseed-31 (1)
Here are the MENU for your tummy…
Nasi Lemak for my lunch
snapseed-32 (1)
Ramen level 3 for my afternoon meal
Surprised by the melted cheese inside thise Ramen….


YEAY!!! i got my PEEK A BOO ‘Ceries’ Hair now…


Here is the Website of BloBar :


  • Phone: 02178820016
  • E-mail:
  • LINE: @blobar


  • The Broadway Kemang
  • Jl. Benda No. 46F Unit C
  • Jakarta, Indonesia

WEDDING day of BangRif&Astrie 26-03-2016


Finally a special moment in my life!!

I’ve been falling in love with you..

It is the way how you perfectly treat me like a queen..

How you make my days brighter ..

You always find a way to make me smile..

We’re seems to be able to read each other minds, and so our heart.

26th March 2016 ….

That day, is the day where i start to make a great deal and promise to God that i will spent the whole time of my life with BangRif. More or less 1,5 years we’ve tried to get to know each other, and we agreed to start a new page of life together, we ready to learn once again about everything.

We have totally a different background, never expected before that we could be a partner in lifetime. But what i feel about him,, this guys is the only one that can handle me and have a special way to makes everything fit to me. its strange how God create someone for you that make you feel you wanna be with him for the rest of your life. i often asked my self, how did you know that ‘he is your destiny?’… anyway, i cant find a proper answer my self until i got married, but all i know is my life getting better along with him, he never try to changed me into someone else and so i didnt. to find a partner of life isnt to find a perfect one, but learn to love his imperfection side., that makes your life become perfect… God works in mysterious sweet way.. and i liked it..

We choosed Java Modern as the theme for the celebration, Gold and Red also became a color for our special day,, Why? coz we loved so! hahaha.. here is the thing,, I got touched when i heard that my Dad was cried over during the session of handover me to BangRif. He couldnt take his tears fall down when reading the script, also my Mom and my twin sister. I didnt expected that it will be like what people told me before, that a marriege day will makes you crying outloud. When i’m about to be Mrs.Rifki… i cant stop holding my left hand to my twin sister ‘mba ika’ and my right hand to my beloved Mom. I try so hard not to cry, and control my breath L-O-L  .. then… FINALLY!! I became Mrs. Rifki …

The celebration was so fun!! Everybody laughing, dancing, singing., and lot of friends are coming. Is more like a reunion hahahaa.. everything was so perfect, and time run so fast!!! Hahaha.. BEAUTIFUL DAY EVER!!!!

These are few moments that i like to shared,, to who?? to anyoneeeee who have a sec of time to see these blog for sure lol. 🙂  well is normal for couple who just got married to do so right ?? hahaha.. enjoy…

A combination between Java and Arabic Cultures




My lovely Family ; Bapak, Ibu and mba Ika.. this is during a session of handover me to Bang Rifki’s Family.


Thanks to this picure that captured the moment perfectly! This is when my Dad, Mom and Mba Ika cried.
Bang Rifki now is part of my family.


i loved the way he smile!! 😉
This is when my Mom and my Twin sist bring me out to the Hall. My heart beat so freaking fast L-O-L.


The AKAD NIKAH is going smooth……. 🙂


SAH!! Finally the rings!! a promise to each other to keep our heart and mind forever.


My loved Bapak, Ibu, Mas iwit and Mba Ika. ( My Family )

Rifki & Astrie Kirana
The make up process is the process i liked the mosr, and i loved the dress and everything during the reception!

IMG_4516 - Copy - CopyIMG_4543 - Copy - Copy

Me with My Mom and Bang RIfki’s Mom, i loved this pict so much! where all the Gold and Black are look good.

IMG_4602 - Copy - Copy

My Favourite Moment….

IMG_7407IMG_4641 - CopyIMG_4652 - CopyjbIMG_4856

i like to say thank you so much for my family and friends who came to the reception also to those who cant make it but your pray is all that matter 🙂

Together we will brighter the blog in the near future..


At the end of the week,… we will reach some Golden Moment for working office people like moi!! Which means, you have rights to planed out everything you want on your WEEKEND DAYS right??! WELL, i decided to have a bit of new relaxing spirit in a new hot spot i’ve never been into. My choice goes to ‘PIZZA BARBONI’ which located in Kemang. I honestly got a bit lost at first when i try to find the spot, but gladly i’ve arrived gently.

These are photos you can scroll down and got some useful info …



20151206_142006-01FIRST to remembered!! when you came here, don’t wish to have some waiter/s coming to your table and got them service you by noted your requested of food and beverages, because you supposed to ordered in the cashier on the 1st floor, but you can pay it after thou. Since i’m sitting on the 2nd floor, means I’ve took photos only on the 2nd floor section (sorry about it) ;),, well FYI, its not a big place but a very comfy tiny place with few squared wood tables and a clean atmosphere along with super duper cozy lounge music, it’ll brings you to the homey relaxing mood on.

Based on the ‘name’ of this place, surely what they try to offered is various menus with basic thin pizza bread. Its not only heavy meals but also the dessert are served with Yummy thin Pizza bread!! Price? its quite affordable 😉

20151206_163749-01 (1)Dessert i’ve tried was ‘NUTELLA’, where you can have NUTELLA are applied in a crusted thin pizza bread with few slices of BANANA and WHIPPED CREAM on the top of it!! imagine how your tongue melted perfectly by it ^^
20151206_163739-01 20151206_163324-01 (1) 20151206_162715-01 20151206_153551-01 20151206_143327-01 For PIZZA, i try to ordered small version for each flavors which means i have 2 flavors. the ‘CAPRICCIOSA’ means it contain with Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Mushroom, Capsicum and Beef Bacon. Also the half of it was ‘BIANCA’ , which means you can enjoy Mozzarella, Taleggio and Parmesan Cheese on it. You can ordered Olive oil and Chilly sauce if you want 😉 . I can say…. it tasted great!! Recommended to try ^^

20151206_143318-01 20151206_143243-01 20151206_142641-01 (1)You can see,, its not that big space of Cafe, but a very great ambiance they have successfully created ‘that makes it worthies to spent few hours to sit and have your laptop on. They have a smoking area and Non smoking one.

I could felt that young entrepreneur are born very fast nowadays, we can create and do what we wish to do. But how our actions could bring great positive impact to others?? that’s HOMEWORK for all of us that living in this social living planet. Where you responsible to create, share and educated other people. That’s what makes you a useful Human Being. Indonesia are RICH!! Rich with Ideas, Cultures, Knowledge and Resources. #ProudIndonesia# ^^

20151206_142547-01 20151206_142533-01 20151206_142523-01 20151206_142035-01


Pizza Barboni’s Adress :
Jalan Kemang Raya No.49, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12730

Atmosphere : A

Food : B+

Service : A

Price : Affordable

Parking Area : not much space



Email :





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