DSCF5595 copyDSCF5597 copyDSCF5599 copyDSCF5594 copy

DSCF5593 copyDSCF5592 copy

3. I loved to start everything by making my eyebrows,,, as you may heard’ eyebrows is like a frame of your face.. So, i start to draw softly … And i pick VIVA pencil eyebrows (everlasting pencil… And cheaapp which result awesomely!!..hahaha). I only use it to draw half end of my eyebrows,,then i fill it with brown eyeshadow.. last, i brush the beginning of my eyebrows. I dont know have any idea whats the name of my other eyebrow pencil,, last time i bought in Bangkok which so cheap and has light brown when i apply on my face.

DSCF5614 copyDSCF5606 copy

4. Next,,, i draw eyecat style for my eyeliner. Why eyecat?? Because ive try many style..and the one that suit me is eyecat style. Draw the eyeliner longer than usual and over your eyes to make sort of wings effect at the end.. it’ll make your eyes pop out and bolt. I always use this style.. love it!! I use Maybeline liquid eyeliner … Why?? Ive tried few types of eyeliners..but end not good result.. maybe not because the products’ it is just because i dont get used to it and got nervous to draw the eyecat style for my eyes…andddd with MAYBELINE’ i loooooveeeee it!! As you can see .. the shape are thin and sharp (on point!!)..anddd soft to apply. At the end,, its easy to clean after the whole activities.. try it!! 😉

DSCF5608 copyDSCF5603 copy

5. Part of the things i love to do next is…, Apply blush on to your cheeck bones..’make sure you apply it on the top of your cheeck bones to make your look even fresh and bright. If your going at night you might want to add a bit countouring using brown eyeshadows to your cheeck to shape the whole face.. dont forget to apply the blush on your chin ok girlssss… So its going to be the whole fresh look.

DSCF5605 copyDSCF5623 copy

6. Then,, i apply black eyeshadows using stick brush under my eyes to create dramatic looks and bolt. Put it on top of your eyes too.. apply it gently (not too much)

DSCF5624 copyDSCF5625 copyDSCF5626 copy

7. At the enddddddds…. I used my fav purple lipstick by LA. Matte.,, Taaarraaaa!!!!!…. Its doneeee….

DSCF5622 copy

8. You also can use a bit shimmering highlight on the top of your cheeck bones.. to give the shinning bright look.. apply it on your cheeks and to top of lips also to nose.. its going to be sweet.

DSCF5601 copyDSCF5602 copyDSCF5615 copy

Ok ladies,,, just pretend the tissue that roll on at the stick of brush is ‘Your Hair’.. so how i make pretty cool curly hair..is by rolling your hair to stick of brush.. layer by layer..then use iron flat to your hair.. do it slowly and even it takes time.. But believe me the result is is stay foreverrrr.. !!! hahahaa

DSCF5617 copy

This is the result ………………


Ladies… these is a simple tutorial of how i got this kinda look.. hope you enjoy and see you to my next blog 🙂