Ramadhan is a blessing month for all people and its a perfect time to gathered and reunited with old friends, families, beloved one and working partner to have such a pleasant breakfasting together….

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A lot of people try to seek interesting places that offer nice deal of Ramadhan Menu Package or Special Buffet. On the 2nd day of Ramadhan,, But hey,,Here ive tried Buffet at Shisha Cafe Kemang..


Here goes the photos and a bit review of it… enjoy guys… 🙂

When you entering Shisha Cafe,, you’ll be welcoming by live music of Arabic Instrument right before you enter the Resto Area inside….

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Mideast athmosphere are feel so good.. your eyes will satisfy of how they organized everything just in a right place and spot. The light arrangment and the vibe are pampering you enough… The main area which is in the middle are the buffet area. Because is fulled of customers,, i cant took a picts as much as i loved too..im so sorry !!!! 😥 .. but later if i come,,ill make sure to took a pict more of it 😉

The buffet priced Rp 195.000++ ..,,and with that price ‘you can eat all kind of food from appetizer till yummy dessert..i felt like i can’t eat those all only in one day lool.. they’re open buffet from 18.00 – 21.00..from Indonesian food like somay, soto ayam, drinks like es kelapa, es buah, tea..’ Spaghetti, garlic bread, Pizza, kofta beef, Shawarma, Maraq soup, mandi rice, hummus, pitta bread, salad, and many other food that im sure 3 hours are more than enough hahaha……

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Mideast food area is in the middle..

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Amazing Kofta ive ever tried…

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They’re ready to serve you warm Shawarma based on your request..

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Above are Indonesian Food

And what i loved the most is the Dessert of course !!… They have Burmeh, Brownies, Maryam bread, .. and lot of lotsss of Puddings.. from strawberry, perfect tasted of klapertart and many moreeeeee… At least you need to come and try yourself once in a month guys!!!

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Any kind of Tea are served…

All of the waiters and waitress are so friendly and standby anytime you need anything..they’re ready to assist you. The priced are so worthied !! Nice ambience and perfect meals ?? You cant ask for more…hahaha.. satisfy your eyes and stomach at the same time is a very nice deal !! Thanks Shisha Cafe… 🙂

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Tanoura Dance is live every Friday and Saturday.. He start to dance at 10pm

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He will asked random customers to dance along with him, so customers will be able to experienced their self …dance the amazing Tanoura…

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Last but not least,, after you done your meal. You can order shisha for additional pleasure… Have laugh with your friends.. and have such memorable moments …

For Shisha Flavours ?? so far i knew,, this place are provide the complete and best flavours for shisha. You can try and have a good service from the waiters or waitress if you have problem during shisha-ing. My favorite flavors so far till now if i may recommended you  ; Freshness Ice!!! try it on !!!

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So these are a bit clue so you can have options of where you guys want to chill and have awesome breakfasting together with your family and friends.. ill write more on my next blog 😉 hope you enjoyed and get inspired …

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Thank you for reading and Ramadhan Kareem friends ….