Me?? ehm ..Called me Astrie, i born on 9th of September 1987  and living in Jakarta. My parents cames from Java, i have twin sister and 1 big brother. Well enough with the introduction, lemme explain my background of why i share things thru my blog…..

Yes wellcome to my blog where everybody are free to read and speaks about whatever they just saw here. I believe that we are all have our own way to memorized everything thru anything. I choosed to captured all of my everything moment thru camera and write it outloud thru my blog. Here, i try to write down and share whatever things that happened in my life to you all, because i believe memory is much more priceless if you share it to others. My understanding is that picture can say a thousand words, but it nothing without sharing it.

Here is the thing, human beings are living as a social person and we are all have resposibility and belonging feelings to be able to share  things that might be usefull for others. I loved to have this page as my special diary that i can opened, read and memorized till the day that i became old, surely its going to be my super guilty pleasure moments to share for the whole of my life.

Guys!! I feel so honored and super excited  to have your feedback or suggestion

and open for any kind of great collaborations invitation ^^