At the end of the week,… we will reach some Golden Moment for working office people like moi!! Which means, you have rights to planed out everything you want on your WEEKEND DAYS right??! WELL, i decided to have a bit of new relaxing spirit in a new hot spot i’ve never been into. My choice goes to ‘PIZZA BARBONI’ which located in Kemang. I honestly got a bit lost at first when i try to find the spot, but gladly i’ve arrived gently.

These are photos you can scroll down and got some useful info …


20151206_142006-01FIRST to remembered!! when you came here, don’t wish to have some waiter/s coming to your table and got them service you by noted your requested of food and beverages, because you supposed to ordered in the cashier on the 1st floor, but you can pay it after thou. Since i’m sitting on the 2nd floor, means I’ve took photos only on the 2nd floor section (sorry about it) ;),, well FYI, its not a big place but a very comfy tiny place with few squared wood tables and a clean atmosphere along with super duper cozy lounge music, it’ll brings you to the homey relaxing mood on.

Based on the ‘name’ of this place, surely what they try to offered is various menus with basic thin pizza bread. Its not only heavy meals but also the dessert are served with Yummy thin Pizza bread!! Price? its quite affordable 😉

20151206_163749-01 (1)Dessert i’ve tried was ‘NUTELLA’, where you can have NUTELLA are applied in a crusted thin pizza bread with few slices of BANANA and WHIPPED CREAM on the top of it!! imagine how your tongue melted perfectly by it ^^
20151206_163739-0120151206_163324-01 (1)20151206_162715-0120151206_153551-0120151206_143327-01For PIZZA, i try to ordered small version for each flavors which means i have 2 flavors. the ‘CAPRICCIOSA’ means it contain with Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Mushroom, Capsicum and Beef Bacon. Also the half of it was ‘BIANCA’ , which means you can enjoy Mozzarella, Taleggio and Parmesan Cheese on it. You can ordered Olive oil and Chilly sauce if you want 😉 . I can say…. it tasted great!! Recommended to try ^^

20151206_143318-0120151206_143243-0120151206_142641-01 (1)You can see,, its not that big space of Cafe, but a very great ambiance they have successfully created ‘that makes it worthies to spent few hours to sit and have your laptop on. They have a smoking area and Non smoking one.

I could felt that young entrepreneur are born very fast nowadays, we can create and do what we wish to do. But how our actions could bring great positive impact to others?? that’s HOMEWORK for all of us that living in this social living planet. Where you responsible to create, share and educated other people. That’s what makes you a useful Human Being. Indonesia are RICH!! Rich with Ideas, Cultures, Knowledge and Resources. #ProudIndonesia# ^^



Pizza Barboni’s Adress :
Jalan Kemang Raya No.49, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12730

Atmosphere : A

Food : B+

Service : A

Price : Affordable

Parking Area : not much space


Email : astrie.kirana@yahoo.co.id



Tuesd,1st December 2015

MOM’s MILK Cutest Gateway

Atmosphere… YEP! its one thing that is hard to get and create!! by looking and by experiences your self, you can tell if one place you’ve visited is good enough to be remembered. Hard to tell but i try to explain in my kind of way guys..

Today i got a sudden visit to Banten, and a friend of mine suggest us to have a quick Zip in Cute Cafe called MOM MILK. Well, this is my first time visit this area and i can say is quite eye-catchy place to visit,, and first time entering the door, I LOVE IT!! lets check out few pictures i’ve took…

They have around 8 squares tables, with cute wooden chairs. This is a small place with rich warm ambiance i can tell. You’ll suprised by how they gave you various of Milk!!!what i ordered is Coffee.. tasted soft and perfect. the smell of coffee and chocolate mixed lovable! they have more or less 25 flavors with few options of portions. The Price? Guys,, it cost only 20K, and they provide you various of sweet and salty light menu.

What i mentioned before about ‘atmosphere’, is that you can enjoy your meals and beverages while they played out the Jazzy songs, Blues songs,etc.. and the PLUS . this place is smell Freaking Delicious!!! :DD

IMAGINE!! how can you not seat for hours and hours ??????


i ordered MOM’s MILK BREAD, which tasted perfect! why?? because this bread toasted nicely, soft .. and when you reach the middle of bread you can tasted the butter of milk that blended smooth like sponge, the sugar powder isn’t too sweet..it makes even delicious! its a must try :))

20151201_163927-0120151201_171714-0120151201_171738-01 (1)in this kind of time where everybody got more creatives and born such lot of ideas and build their own brand, its automatically born young business people and many mores. THEY firstly need a place to sit and open their lappy just to have a comfy and sweet peaceful zip of coffee or tea or even a MILK to gathered all the ideas and makes the ideas came true by making a focus group discussion (business could start with a random group discussion among friends), or a place not just to eat and drinks but becames lifestyle that can push the apetite to create something new,etc.. MEANS, i personally glad to see and noticed Indonesia has bring the colors to the culinary business and opportunity to young people to do and create more innovations ahead in facing health competitions. With this, surely its motivate potential young people to keep being creative and in the near future able to open job vacancy to others and makes Indonesia proud to be Indonesia!!


MOM’S MILK Locations : Benton Junction
Jl. Boulevard Palem Raya, Karawaci, Tangerang

Phone :085779396618

Under Rp. 50.000/pax


Atmosphere : A

Beverage : A

Food : B+

Price : Affordable

Lets Marche the day

Marche is the right place to Chill and sure u’ll have great tasted of food and beverage!! the dessert is killing!! haha.. bravo to MARCHE.. as i never get bored to have a plate of Marche.IMG_8429

Potatoe and CheeseIMG02487-20120210-2034IMG02688-20120829-1519IMG02689-20120829-1519IMG02691-20120829-1609


Dark ChocolateIMG02694-20120829-1612IMG_8416IMG_8420IMG_8424IMG_8426IMG_8430IMG_8436I really love the place and sure i’m gonna return again.

The place, the choices of food, the architecture…. Nyummy!

Friday, 7th June 2013



sun so bright .. and i feel so blessed with everything…

Relax and enjoyed the moment where the sun hit my face ,, feel the warm of it ^^

Eyes closed..

Breathe like you’re in a slow motion..

Feel the air swing you…

Enjoy the Dessert



DSC_0562   DSC_0554DSC_0551The Warm Chocolate taste so melted !DSC_0550DSC_0549

A plate of ice cream really boost my mood to the air , till i cant move from my chair haha.. Bitter moments gone like a wind..DSC_0548