Saturday, 30 May 2015



It tooks 1 hour more or less from airport to the hotel.. , we hit Grand watergate hotel at 12pm so we cant enter our luggage yet to our room, but we change our outfit and put our lugagge in the lobby. We directly go out and walked around the hotel. Its like bring the memories back,, since this is my 2nd trip to Bangkok., and we stay in the hotel around pratunam also like what we did sometimes ago. I lovedddd everything in here!! The local people are so warm and friendly.

Always ready for Hat, Glasses, comfortable shoes or sandals and UV Lotions to prevent the hot sunny day…

We’re get familiar with the area then get back to the hotel for a quick napping and go for nite walked to MBK (Mall of Bangkok) at 7pm. We went there by tuk tuk for around 100Bath.

Quick tips :

~ few tuk tuk have 3 seats and others for 4 seats

~ says a clear destination and go ahead make some bargain over the price

~ the driver will offering you to stop by in few destinations (boutique, factory outlet, temple,etc) first before arriving in exactly destination. Just say NO if you want straight destination, or say “sorry no, we’re starving, no time just straight to (mention where we want to go)” , and last dont forget to say “Thank You (and smile)”. This works!!

~ mind your belongings, as you going to sit tight with one and another while enjoying the road just keep your belonging near to your chest!! Because if you put your bag beside you or even in your back, somebody will stole easily…

~ last but not least,, HAVE A SAFE SELFIE!!

DSCN2010This TOMYUM noodle has the best tasted!!!!

sour and tasty ^^DSCN2011DSCN2017Phad ThaiDSCN2018DSCN2016


DSCN2025i just loved to see how local people here in thailand always cooked or served best food!!!!DSCN2026Well you can easily find Massage place everywhere!!!DSCN2030DSCN2031DSCN2032Baiyoke HotelDSCN2036DSCN2049DSCN2040


We have try the street vendor beverage such as Ice Thai tea and Chocolate ice!!, wowWwwww!! Its damm good ^^ its worth the price ,only 25Bath ( around Rp13.000). They just know how to make such lovely quality of beverage even thou in street!


We’re arrived in MBK,, walked around…

And end up with trying the MCD here lol,, we found few menu that not able in Jakarta, such as Pineapple Pie, Fillet O Fish Burger, ……….. … tasted YummY!!!

DSCN2102DSCN2103DSCN2105DSCN2109DSCN2110 DSCN2162DSCN2112DSCN2129DSCN2137k


After that we enjoyed our nite walked on oir way to hotel…


After that, we decided to have a walked to the hotel and enjoy night athmosphere. But in the middle walked out, we found some interesting street vendor ,,it just soooo Thailand Style! So we stopped and ate our dinner there… it cost us around 420 Bt.



24rd May 2015, Sunday

 Hello WEEKEND!!

 10am we go to chattuchak,, 

We go by Taxi and cost around 120bath, it better to raise the price rather than to stop for few destinations, thats what we learned somehow. I can say Thailand have a good Cab, also few of them decored the interior. 


Finally arriving!!!

I really missed this place…

Nothing much change …

Still crowded as ever and lovely must place to visit and SPENT! ♡♡


QUICK tips:

~ Prepare few bottles of water or if u run out of it, buy few in chatuchak but wiped up first with tissue. Dont forget to always make yourself drink water every few hours, because you wont notice if you are having dehidration. The weather is soo HOT!

~ Use you UV sun protections, whether you’re man or woman. Use in your face and all over your skin.

~ Get ready of your Fancy Hat lol.

~ Black Glasses is helping, because the sun is so shinning it can make your eyes hurt if you dont wear one.

~ Protect your bag !! It will be a good idea if you have a lock key for your bag to prevent everything harmfull among the crowd.

~ Prepare few small money in a place that easy to grab, because it likely to be happens you will buy ice cream, few snacks, bottle of drinks, etc.DSCN2214DSCN2215


As i have posted few pictures in chatuchak sometimes ago, so there are not much to posting about this. We spent more half of the day in here!! Every food and beverages on the street vendor are cheap and delicious^^ ,, for garlic bread it cost 6Bth, for petite stick ice cream cost only 5bth., kebab only 20bath (similiar like Rp 10.000). This time, because its with brother trip so we really spent the whole time here, which really nice! I lobed this weekend market ♡♡♡ ,, they not just sell fashion items, but also there are few local entertainer such people who play traditional instruments, etc.. if we liked, while seing them , we could give them few Baths.


So Far,,, we walked and walked from 12pm to 7pm in this place!! Hahaha..


And again… when we ride a cab,, the driver offering and try to persuade us to stop in few destinations before arriving in our exactly destination, well it was because the driver already make a deal to few tourism spot,, if they could bring guest they will have bonus.

Quick tips: Say direct about your destination and repeating few times, say it clearly ‘not too fast, because they need to understand what we say. Somehow try to say “NO MONEY SORRY”, only have money to (mention our exactly destination), we’re tired. This way,,Works for me!! ^^

DSCN2254 DSCN2263

Monday, 25th May 2015



8.45am straight we went for a quick breakfast near hotel because we like to discovered the Grand Palace!!

First we havign a breakfast ………….DSCN2270DSCN2343DSCN2341DSCN2335DSCN2328DSCN2277DSCN2281DSCN2279DSCN2343DSCN2355DSCN2381DSCN2380DSCN2379DSCN2377


~ Mind what you wearing, because its such a spiritual tourist object. Anything should be covered for ladies unless hair, Dont wear LEGGING!!. For Men should wearing long pant and proper shirt.

~ Near to the gate of Grand Palace, there will be a few small stores that sell some fashion items and also offer you renting fashion items like long pants, topwear, etc. From what i’ve seen, they will charge you 30bth for pants,etc. They have it many colors! BUT if you already wear short pants, tanktop,etc that not required you to get entered to the palace, the security in front of the gate will ask you to go to some office near to it, well voilaaa!!me wearing legging at that time, and they asked me to make a line there before entering. FACT i just knew, you will have to give them deposit 200bth (similiar to Rp 90.000) and they borrow me some cute purple fabrics to covered my legging for FREE!!!!! LOL. So its your choice guys,, to rent outside the palace or free borrow inside the gate of Grand Palace.

~ Be mind to your belongings!

~ Wear your UV sun protection, Black glasses and a Hat or umbrella.

~ Please make your self aware to every SIGN or instruction there and try to obey.

~ Wear comfortable shoes or sandals

DSCN2375DSCN2370DSCN2368DSCN2363DSCN2362DSCN2361DSCN2360 DSCN2355  DSCN2335       DSCN2385DSCN2386DSCN2392DSCN2393DSCN2394DSCN2396DSCN2398DSCN2400DSCN2402DSCN2403DSCN2415

Its a huge Palace and there are few museum and a prayer place that makes Video and Photo are forbidden.The museum will show you traditional weapon like long handle knife, long hook, the lance, air gun riffle,etc. I just got amazed with how they take care and maintain very carefully of every detailed, they got dozen of people coming in, yet this place are still beautiful, the Garden and flowers, everything looks perfect in a shaped.

For noted, they always have security inside each of places, that make sure, we obey the rules. Because i saw with my own eyes, there is a security who ask some tourist to put off her Hat inside the prayer room.


At 2pm, we went to wat pham,, 100bth for the ticket include bottle of water that you can have it at the end of exit door, for me this is such a lovely offer and good example that can applied in every tourist object even in Jakarta!

I saw the Sleeping Budha that looks so beautiful, such an Masterpiece of Art. DSCN2464DSCN2466DSCN2468DSCN2469DSCN2472DSCN2473DSCN2478DSCN2479DSCN2483DSCN2484DSCN2487DSCN2488DSCN2490DSCN2493DSCN2496DSCN2499DSCN2501DSCN2503DSCN2507DSCN2508DSCN2510DSCN2514DSCN2516DSCN2523DSCN2526DSCN2532DSCN2537DSCN2554





Tuesday, 28th April 2015

Buzz the TRIP TO EUROPE with fam !!

16th May 2014

Trip to EUROPE??

Sound cool! Well this is the first my family and i having a time to trip together. We actually pick a travel agent to get along. So its going to be a group trip with other people. We will have 2 weeks to travel few countries in Europe!!! Whoppp WHOoop ^^

We first took EMIRATES Airline for 1st stop to Dubai. I can say they served so nice!! They’re so warm and friendly, and this journey going to take 6 hours more or less.




Thank God there’s a TV, Music, Radio and Movies collections that you can enjoyed on the Airline. Aha one thing for sure, the movies has so many collections such Hindi, Bollywood, Drama, Comedy, New Movie, France, Deutche) lol. They also provide you plug to charge your mobile phone. If you want to sleep, you can layback your seat without making other pessanger feels iritated haha.. you will got a pillow and soft blanket ^^


The flight Attendant will gave a Slip of Menu which mention about what meal they are going to serve you in English Language and Arab language. After it, after the long journey on the Airline, they like to gave you warm towel twice. To refresh your face, hands ,etc. I loved to see them all are from different cultures.

DSCF6488DSCF6483When i have time for 1 hour in Dubai, i just directly grab my note and take a list of points about anything that goes on my head. the picture below its really my brother take a snap candid on me lol. when you are on travelling i bet everything is goes on so fast, so enjoyed and focused haha.. leave everything behind, your problem and all.. ;))DSCF6448 WELLCOME TO SCHIPOL !!!

AMSTERDAMMMMM here i come…..

DSCF6548DSCF6528DSCF6526 DSCF6534At first when im on the bus, and slowly passing the city of Amsterdam. i cant say a words! just got amazed ^^ i personally loved this city! feels like i belong there already lol. can you imagine living in a cute house wih fine backyard and a small lake for you to cruising over????!! thats insane :p



Thursday, 3rd July 2014

My Sweet TRIP to THAILAND 2014

Late post actually,, But well i guess i found the time to post it anyway:)

Bangkok is the capital and the most populous city of Thailand. Like most of Thailand, Bangkok has a tropical wet and dry climate.Bangkok is one of the world’s top tourist destination cities

So i was having Holiday with my Family to Thailand. People said u’ll be dying shopping!!! bunch of delicious snacks on the street and many more,, all with affordable price!!! and guess what…. ITS RIGHT!!! so if you guys wanna have holiday to Bangkok,, please be gentle to empty your luggage lol., or else you gonna buy another luggage to fulfill ur anger of shopping haha..oya Dont forget to try the Thailand Massage ^^ so LOVELY!!

Enjoy along the pictures ..

MY SWEET BANGKOK TRIP 2014i Really love to have a MILO every morning there, because the MIX it very nicely,, MILO or Chocolate Powder, Milk Powder, Stir it with after Drop some Hot water,, and slowly pour some coconut on it,,and last put some ice cube on the top!!. WoWWW..Tasted AMazing!! and so cheapDSCF4161DSCF4210View from my Room in Baiyoke Sky Hotel

The tallest building in the city, and comprises the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the tallest hotel in Southeast Asia and the seventh-tallest all-hotel structure in the world.the building’s height is 328.4 m (1,077 ft), and features a publicobservatory on the 77th floor, a bar called “Roof Top Bar & Music Lounge” on the 83rd floor, a 360-degree revolving roof deck on the 84th floor and the hotel offers 673 guest roomsDSCF4215DSCF4218DSCF4224DSCF4224KJNDSCF4225DSCF4232DSCF4238DSCF4240DSCF4265DSCF4266DSCF4270DSCF4274DSCF4342i amazed with how local people there are really serious of what they are doing, for example what you have see above, there are so many stores that took place along the street,, but the design it so well. very inspiring! DSCF4282bDSCF4284DSCF4290DSCF4291DSCF4295DSCF4298DSCF4299DSCF4303DSCF4310DSCF4317DSCF4325i saw little Mushola among crowded traditonal market in Thailand.DSCF4333weekend market, situated on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok, is the largest market in Thailand. Frequently called J.J., it opened in 1982 and covers over 35 acres (0.14 km²), with upwards of 15,000 stalls.

It is estimated that the market receives 200,000 visitors each day.Most stalls are only open on Saturdays and Sundays, though Jatujak Plaza, the western section, is open daily. In the north west corner is the J.J. Mall, with three floors of assorted oddments as well as eateries. The market offers a wide variety of products including household items, clothing, Thai handicrafts, religious artifacts, collectables, foods, and live animals.In June 2008 the Chatuchak Market authorities introduced a complete smoking ban for the whole market, with a fine of 2,000 baht for offenders.

DSCF4337DSCF4378DSCF4343DSCF4344DSCF4345DSCF4346DSCF4348DSCF4354 DSCF4358gDSCF4359DSCF4361DSCF4364DSCF4365DSCF4374DSCF4377DSCF4447DSCF4379DSCF4381DSCF4382I have tried almost Snack on the street tere in Thailand, beside is sooooo cheap,, it sooo DAmn DELICIOUS!! i dont feel need to go eat in restaurant, because i fulled fast becuase of many vendors on the street.DSCF4383 DSCF4387DSCF4406Always crowded even already aternoon time… 

Mind your belonging!!DSCF4419So many Unique places here…DSCF4424DSCF4434DSCF4436DSCF4438DSCF4442DSCF4443DSCF4699DSCF4451DSCF4453DSCF4456DSCF4461DSCF4462This kind of Vehicle could Inspired many people.. ^^ its very creative,and somehow they made a very good and nice herbs of sauce ..yummmy!!DSCF4475Nigth View from my Room – Baiyoke Sky Hotel –DSCF4477DSCF4620DSCF4643DSCF4644DSCF4652DSCF4663DSCF4664DSCF4698DSCF4845DSCF4702DSCF4740DSCF4745DSCF4774DSCF4778DSCF4797DSCF4821DSCF4832DSCF4834DSCF4835It is very Hot there,, so nothing wrong with bring SPV Lotion whether your are male. Because your skin in Precious. and prepare your sandals,,

Heels ?? Go away! haha..

Here are things you might want to prepare before going to Bangkok –> your beautiuful hat, Extra Bag, Tissue, Black Glasses, Small bag for Passport, Lipgloss, etc

I will post my trip to PATTAYA,, its a really Awesome one !!!

Keep share love:)

Peace – Astrie Kirana

Tuesd,18th Feb 2014

MEDAN is so Heavenly Yummy Food Trip

i was just arrived in Medan, that was in middle of the nite .. and me and my parents along with my Grandma are having intention to visit my brother here. he have to stay in Medan because working in sort of Airplane, and the base camp is in Medan..

Here we go the journey… ^^

Camera 360posing in front of my brother’s basecamp… quite big gardenCamera 360my Brother’s Bicycle lol, it so important to have it thou, in this kind of crazy traffic and for healthy reason 🙂 Camera 360Look at the parking area!!!! CRAZY hahaha big enough ha..Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360in the morning we had delicious breakfast.. nyummmm!! it is called lontong sayur or so.. tasted so nice, spicy, and the portion is good enough.Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360in the midday we visited Maimun Palace.

it is nice place, where i had unique experience in here!!!!Camera 360u must take off ur sandals here…Camera 360Camera 360see???!! in here u can borrow their traditional custom for only Rp 10.000 ^^ and u can have a picture with a fancy background. so u felt like being one of the member of king Family hahaha, so Many colours for custome.. Yellow, Purple, Green, Red…Camera 360Camera 360i Choose PINK!!!!Camera 360here is my Family!!!Camera 360Camera 360Look at the architecture!! Oh DEAR ^^ i just love it. it just full of love. i bet i wanna have these kind of architecture on my own house later on hahaCamera 360Camera 360Camera 360look at the ceiling! Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360me and my brother ^^ LOL fun Experienced!

Next Destination is went up to TjongAfie ! visited his house.. how he can be one of the richest person in medan long time ago. he came down as nobody, and working hard to become somebody. well i guess that is the point. u work u got everything. u not working, u got nothing. that is life ^^Camera 360Camera 360The ticket is include tour guide who will explain to u the history of the house and all.Camera 360Living room……….Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360i just loved when TjongAfie leave some message … so Preciouss.. Read down..

it is for social matter,because he has his foundation in Social.Camera 360Camera 360me and my Brother ^^Camera 360Camera 360because the weather is so freaking HOT!!! then we decided to pull over and have something to get fresh! and we found some oldcool restaurant, not far from TjongAfie, we just walked thou.Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360the ICE CREAM tasted AWESOME!!! so yummy, the caramel, the chocolate it just fit! perfect. not too much but balanced flavour.Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360at nite we went to DURIAN bang Ucok! it so hell famous !! u should try guys. its well known as King of Fruit! u can pick which Durian u want, and eat there like u are in restaurant hahaha ^^ usually u have to enjoyed on the street side, but here Bang uCok provide Durian in Comfy way. haha.. and they have their own Parking lot  near this place haha, can u imagine how much the customers coming everyday!. This place open 24 HOURS! isnt amazing lol

Enjoy!!!Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360before having Durian , i just wondered to stop by in Medan Walk.. to see what the hit place in here. So here we go, this place its more like in CIWALK in Bandung. many Food Vendors here. i got my sisha here haha. not bad.. its good. Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Early morning,, we went to SINAR PAGI restaurant, and lot of cars are parking there. wow i can see the food must be good! and yewp!! it is ^^ tasted so good, perfect for breakfast. TRY IT ON! it is Recommended! the flavors of herbs are tick and nice also a bit spicy!Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Love the Masjid ^^Camera 360Camera 360Lambini ^^ far far away to reach here, but worthied!Camera 360Camera 360That was my holiday in MEDAN ^^

Share ur thought and see you in my other trip *Kiss




DSCF2955 copyWe’re having Nandos chicken which is tasted LOVELY!! the herbs and all the ingredients just Awesome!! The portion is quite big thou,, i LOVE it ^^DSCF2956 copyDSCF2961 copyDSCF2960 copyDSCF2963 copy

DSCF3071 copyat Taylors University.. it was really NICE University! beautiful lake, awesome landscape, facilities, so many cafe inside it,, its like almost a mini Mall inside the University lol. i wish i can go back and have a school here! haha

DSCF3074 copymy worldhave a nite walk in Bukit Bintang.. it was a fun nite, nice weather. Perfect time to have a walk here is in the nite i guess. where you can enjoy the beautiful lamps all over the street, and all the funny attraction from local people.

DSCF3120 copyDSCF3121 copyUntitled-1 copymoi and Fadil ( my twin sist’s baby ) ^^ when i visit my sist in Selangor, CUte boy! its amazing how you actually can be surprised with liltle progress of the baby growth. How they can sit , how they give you a ‘look’ which is the sign that they know his/her name being called, etc. its a FUn time to watch him growth slowly everyday! DSCF3100 copytwinnie moiDSCF3154 copyDSCF3139DSCF3146 copyat bukit bintangIMG04070-20130618-1116 copysuper awesome Hainan Chicken!IMG04064-20130617-2242 copyim having these food in Pavilion – Bukit BintangIMG04062-20130617-2235 copyIMG04052-20130617-1826 copyDSCF3189 copya little window shopping in Bukit Bintang, which end up with a few shopping bags its ok i guess Lol. i really like the pedestrian in KL, which is so tidy, so smart with the traffic system, cause comfortable for the tourists.

IMG04080-20130618-1313 copyIMG04083-20130618-1518 copyFun times! Worthy spent out!DSCF3179 copyDSCF3182 copy

IMG04098-20130618-1536 copyIMG04094-20130618-1535 copyDSCF3164 copyDSCF3161 copyDSCF3160 copyi hope i can do travel more,, wait for coming up posting! ^^