WEDDING day of BangRif&Astrie



Finally a special moment in my life!!

I’ve been falling in love with you..

It is the way how you perfectly treat me like a queen..

How you make my days brighter ..

You always find a way to make me smile..

We’re seems to be able to read each other minds, and so our heart.

26th March 2016 ….

That day, is the day where i start to make a great deal and promise to God that i will spent the whole time of my life with BangRif. More or less 1,5 years we’ve tried to get to know each other, and we agreed to start a new page of life together, we ready to learn once again about everything.

We have totally a different background, never expected before that we could be a partner in lifetime. But what i feel about him,, this guys is the only one that can handle me and have a special way to makes everything fit to me. its strange how God create someone for you that make you feel you wanna be with him for the rest of your life. i often asked my self, how did you know that ‘he is your destiny?’… anyway, i cant find a proper answer my self until i got married, but all i know is my life getting better along with him, he never try to changed me into someone else and so i didnt. to find a partner of life isnt to find a perfect one, but learn to love his imperfection side., that makes your life become perfect… God works in mysterious sweet way.. and i liked it..

We choosed Java Modern as the theme for the celebration, Gold and Red also became a color for our special day,, Why? coz we loved so! hahaha.. here is the thing,, I got touched when i heard that my Dad was cried over during the session of handover me to BangRif. He couldnt take his tears fall down when reading the script, also my Mom and my twin sister. I didnt expected that it will be like what people told me before, that a marriege day will makes you crying outloud. When i’m about to be Mrs.Rifki… i cant stop holding my left hand to my twin sister ‘mba ika’ and my right hand to my beloved Mom. I try so hard not to cry, and control my breath L-O-L  .. then… FINALLY!! I became Mrs. Rifki …

The celebration was so fun!! Everybody laughing, dancing, singing., and lot of friends are coming. Is more like a reunion hahahaa.. everything was so perfect, and time run so fast!!! Hahaha.. BEAUTIFUL DAY EVER!!!!

These are few moments that i like to shared,, to who?? to anyoneeeee who have a sec of time to see these blog for sure lol.:)  well is normal for couple who just got married to do so right ?? hahaha.. enjoy…

















My loved Bapak, Ibu, Mas iwit and Mba Ika. ( My Family )



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i like to say thank you so much for my family and friends who came to the reception also to those who cant make it but your pray is all that matter:)

Together we will brighter the blog in the near future..

Saturday, 3rd Jan 2015

BANDUNG short Vaca♥ end of 2014

Everytime i went to Bandung,, in the morning i always had this kinda breakfast, its in ruko sentrasari. U will be surpise that this bubur ayam wont take more than 15thousand lol. Tasted?? No need to asked! Its so good! Yummy and the portion is so enough ♥♥

If u come more than 10am,, probably you cant order anymore since it sold out!! Its outdoor street food vendor , where they provide tables and chairs but not that much. But you can either eat on the spot or take away your food. Many choices in ths ruko,, like ketupat lontong sayur, nasi kuning, traditional snacks, etc with of course cheap price ^^



Done with the breakfast ,we went to BIP ( Bandung Indah Plaza). Its been a while since im not coming there.. its so crowded!! Maybe because its holiday before New Year 2015. So we decided to watched “Pendekar Tongkat Emas”. I will say WOW!!!! Never seen the movie like this before, specially in Indonesia. I SUPPORT for Indonesian Movie, need more movie with his genre. Indonesian people are smart and need innovation for Movie options. Keep up the good work Movie people!


The studio Cinema in BIP isnt that big. But quite comfy.. thou we only focus on the movie right ^^


After done watched in the cinema at Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP),, decided to went back to hotel to have a short rest in the afternoon..

The road are just sooo traffic at that time..


Me and my brother will go for dinner at Volcano resto&cafe. Why here?. Because they have best chicken ever!!! Place took place in Ruko setrasari , even then this place designed so cozy and comfort to chill, small but has few stairs up and warm lighting. Yess,, most of the customers order the full body of chicken for one table!! Tasted so Rich and Cheappppppp!!!! Not more than 50thou,- you will have few kind of chili sauce, tomato sauce, mustard, mayonaisse,etc served in each table ;))) so you are free to have your own style of sauces.



                                                POTATOE SALAD
Tasted good, the sauce is creammy and delicious. Fit perfectly with the potatoes are smooth. ;)) the portion is quite big for appetizzer, but still good to have for 2 or 3 persons.





Next stop,, which is on the next day, it never been complete if i went to Bandung but not visited QAHWA. The resto took place in Progo.

       I ordered Ice Mint tea♥♥ fresh and good looking beverage ^^




They have Shisha as well of course, price is not that high. Many flavour you can choose, and sometimes they have Belly dance perfoming for special day.

Place is quite big, they have their own parking lot and few tables and capets style. One of the waitress able to speak english and arabic, so few Arabic guests felt hommy there.

Music is good , typical Arabic lounge songs ♥ the service is pampering enough.

                                    CELEBRATING NEW YEAR 2015

Because all the road been traffic !! So i decided to enjoy the private party in my brother’s friend house in bandung. All guests who came are Pilot and Flight Attendants. So they cook and grilled some meat, have macaronni, few soda drinks, etc.. everything felt so hommy and good Music they played on. I liked the lighting set up!!! The ambients is similiar with cafe in Jakarta.  All guests cam back home around 1am.



Have a good time everyone, hope lil’info i gave could benefit a bit for ya… sharing all the ideas here guys. See u on the next posting..